PT mayor hires Bolsonarista sertanejo show for R$ 1 million

Municipality of Serra Talhada, in Pernambuco, will pay for a performance by singer Gusttavo Lima scheduled for September

The Municipality of Serra Talhada, in the hinterland of Pernambuco, released this week the schedule of the September 2022 Party, which will be held from September 4th to 7th, at Lagoa Maria Timóteo. The singer Gusttavo Lima is one of the attractions of the event.

The city, which is managed by the PT mayor Márcia Conrado, will pay R$ 1 million to the artist. Gusttavo Lima’s show is scheduled for September 7th. The value was published in Official State Gazette on Thursday (12.Aug.2022). Here is the full text (291 KB).

“The city government plans the event and its funding. The collection is made through sponsorships and the sale of spaces, such as cabins”said the press office of the city of Serra Talhada to the Power 360.

Wesley Safadão will also perform at the festival, on the 1st day of the event. He will receive R$ 700 thousand, according to the local city hall.

The administration’s expectation is that the party will generate more than R$ 15 million in the local economy. Serra Talhada did not hold the party for 2 years because of the covid-19. 300 thousand people are expected in the period.


in may, Gusttavo Lima was at the center of a controversy over public funds for sertanejos. The Public Ministry opened investigations of millionaire cachets in the states of Minas Gerais, Roraima and Rio de Janeiro.

At the time, several supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) made posts on social media in defense of the singer. Gustavo made a live saying they don’t know why so much “persecution and untruths” and saying that “does not condone public money”.

In 2018, Gusttavo Lima made a post firing shots with a rifle and declaring his support for then-candidate Jair Bolsonaro. On the occasion, the artist also criticized the Disarmament Statute in the country.

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