Salty price: most basic iPhone 14 Pro should still have 128 GB even though it costs almost R$ 11 thousand

Rumors have recently pointed out that the iPhone 14 Pro should be more expensive than its predecessor, which made some sources such as TrendForce speculate that the most basic version of the model would be the 256 GB. On the other hand, MacRumors analyst Jeff Pu disagrees with this possibility. See now what he said.

Jeff Pu says that the iPhone 14 Pro should still have a 128GB version, which should be the most basic for the model that should also have options with 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage, the same ones that should also be available for iPhone 14 Pro Max. In a note, the analyst says:

Based on our recent supply chain survey, we maintain our iPhone 14 build plan to be 91m in 2H22, up from 84m for the iPhone 13 in 2H21, as there is no significant supply chain issue. Next to watch will be the price of the iPhone 14 and the wait time when it hits the market.

In terms of specs, we’ve added 128GB of storage to the Pro lineup.

This possibility is in line with what Ming-Chi Kuo has said, as according to him prices should increase by an average of 15%, which means that the 128 GB iPhone 14 Pro should cost around US$ 1,150, if we consider what the iPhone charges. 13 Pro (US$999) in the US or R$10,920 in Brazil, if we consider the value of R$9,499 at the Apple Store.

If we consider the same logic of the 15% increase, the iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB can cost around R$ 12,070, as its official price is R$ 10,499 in the Apple store. Anyway, it’s important to remember that this is just an estimate and official prices will only be announced at Apple’s official event.

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