‘Says a lot more about her’

Giovanna Ewbank responded, on Twitter, to the criticism made by Karina Bacchi about how she confronted the racist woman who attacked her children Titi and Bless, in a restaurant in Costa da Caparica, Portugal, on July 30.

Giovanna Ewbank responds to Karina Bacchi: 'It says a lot more about her'

Credit: Playback/InstagramGiovanna Ewbank responds to Karina Bacchi: ‘It says a lot more about her’

According to Giovanna, the woman cursed the children and a couple of Angolan tourists who were also there. On the afternoon of this Friday, the 12th, Ewbank commented on Maíra Azevedo’s tweet, Tia Má, who said that Karia Bacchi “was looking for controversy”.

Giovanna replied: “It’s method! And I almost replied because it revolts when they get involved in how I defend my children. But the fact that it bothers me more that I retaliated against racist aggression shows how the violence that my children and Angolans suffered is ignored. It says a lot more about her and who agrees with her than about me!”.

In the podcast episode “Positividade”, presented by Karina Bacchi, she commented, without mentioning names, that she disagreed with the attitude of the other presenter. “To defend her children, she hit, cursed and spat, everyone was in her favor. I agree that we have to defend our children, but I do not believe that the defense is in spitting, cursing, beating and the people thinking that the person did little,” she said.

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