Woman has home invaded and placenta stolen: ‘They thought it was meat’

Meat, BRL 3,600 in cash, 1 kg of “Dream Dream of Waltz” bonbon and a frozen placenta: this is what they took from the family home of Paula Roseng, 25, yesterday morning in the municipality of Morro da Fumaça (SC) ). The graphic designer, who lives with her parents and their 3-year-old daughter downtown, woke up to a messy kitchen and bag rummaged through — and was surprised to find it had been stolen.

“I went to sleep around 1 am and my mother wakes up at 5 am, so I believe the break-in happened in the meantime,” she said in an interview with UOL. “In my house, the kitchen is a little house and nearby we also left my car and my father’s vehicle. When my mother woke up, she saw that everything there was different and that the cars had opened in the morning.”

Paula’s mother was the first to see that the house had been invaded and that all the objects had been turned over. “She saw the bag all over the floor, my father’s wallet too. They had just taken the retirement money, which was no longer there. However, the cards stayed. They didn’t take anything else besides that.” In all, the money received by the designer’s parents was R$ 3,500.

Paula says she was surprised by the movement in the house, since the invaders also had access to her computer, which was in the car. “They didn’t take my bag with the notebook that was on the floor, nor my cards, but they took R$4 that I had in currency. ANDfrom inside the edicule, another R$ 100 also in currency.”

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Family woke up with the house turned over

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When investigating what else had been lost, Paula’s mother noticed the disappearance of food.

“My mother had left some meats to thaw, and when she opened the fridge, she saw that they weren’t there anymore. The frozen meats were also gone.”

Placenta confused with meat

Paula explains that the family still keeps another refrigerator, which is on the outside of the edicule, where they keep little used food — and her placenta. “There was a chester my mom got that was there, and he also disappeared with a package of ham. Then my mom saw that my placenta, which was in an ice cream jar, had been taken.”

The designer says that she had left the organ in the freezer because the intention was to plant it when her daughter, Luizaget older.

“I had even forgotten about the placenta. I wanted to save it so that when she was older, we would plant together, so she could understand more about this pregnancy process that was so important to my life. It was a transformation, a moment to look at the child with others eyes”, he explains.

According to Paula, the placenta was red, which she believes confused the invaders. “I think they mistook it for meat. They saw it was red and took it. I still thought, ‘did they want to find beans or ice cream?'”

In addition to the food, the family also noticed that inside a laundry basket were towels, bedding and winter jackets — items she believes would also be stolen, but which ended up being left behind.

Paula said that, during the night, the family did not hear any noise in the surroundings, but that at least two neighbors reported that their house was also invaded in the same dawn. However, as they had no meat at the time of the robbery, nothing was taken. “They just messed up everything,” she says.

The story was shared on Twitter and the designer even joked about the situation. “What a depression. They stole the meat that was in the freezer, including my placenta, which was in an ice cream jar, frozen, for me to plant one day. How sad, I’ll have to make another child to plant the placenta.”

Despite the joke, Paula said she was reflecting on the robbery. “The first moment I saw that they took food and a jacket, I thought: ‘Look at the situation our country is in, they looked at my notebook and didn’t want it. They just wanted food and warm clothes.”

The family filed a police report. To UOLthe Civil Police of Santa Catarina reported that “an inquiry was launched this Friday (12)” and that “it is taking the necessary measures to clarify the fact”.

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