50 days before the elections, Anitta fans campaign on Twitter: ‘#LulaDay’

posted on 08/13/2022 19:15 / updated on 08/13/2022 19:17

  (Credit: Ricardo Stuckert/Press Release and Reproduction/Instagram @anitta)

(Credit: Ricardo Stuckert/Press Release and Reproduction/Instagram @anitta)

Major Twitter profiles came together this Saturday (8/13) to carry out a pro-Lula movement on the social network. With only 50 days to go before the start of the elections, the action entitled “Lula Day” gained great visibility, reaching 1st place in the trending topics on Twitter (most commented subjects).

The movement was created by fans of the singer Anitta, who command the profiles @AnittaCrave and @AnittaDailyBR, with the aim of using social networks to engage the campaign of former president Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who will once again run for the elections this year.

“As everyone knows, Brazil is approaching the electoral period, and it is in the interest of the whole society that we manage to defeat this misgovernment in the first round. With that in mind, we created the LULA DAY project!”, said one of the profiles that led the movement.

With the large proportion that the subject took, several personalities manifested themselves on the social network, among them deputies, candidates for senators, and even Janja, the PT’s wife.

Federal deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSB) shared a photo with Lula on his profile, and commented that “we have 50 days left to regain hope and put Rio de Janeiro and Brazil on their feet.” Former president and pre-candidate for the presidency, Lula, also used the networks to comment on “Lula Day”. In a video posted on Instagram, the presidential candidate recalled that “today is the 13th”.

The singer Anitta praised the initiative of the fans in a comment made on the post on the Mídia Ninja page. “Mom’s pride”, supported the muse. According to the organizers of “Lula Day”, the action is defined as a “big task force”, which has the objective of getting more voters for PT. The movement has a schedule, which runs until midnight this Saturday (13).

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