Adriana Bombom recalls that she was betrayed by Dudu Nobre

Actress Adriana Bombom, 48, recalled being betrayed by her ex-husband Dudu Nobre, with whom she was married for 8 years.

“When I went to the Farm, I was going through a very delicate moment in my personal life. Separation, children, and finally. a relaxed one and when I get back I’ll decide what will be done with my marriage'”, told the actress to the podcast Papagaio Falante, with Sérgio Mallandro and Renato Rabello

“In this counterpart that I went and entered, many things happened inside my own house”, completed Bombom, suggesting the betrayal and agreeing in the sequence when the presenters insinuated this.

“I’m going to defend Dudu Nobre here”, replied Sérgio Mallandro, being hit by Bombom. “Why are you going to defend it?”, asked the guest.

“Dudu Nobre is my friend, he is a very correct guy and a great samba player. I doubt he has stepped on the ball while you have”, completed Mallandro.

Candy then went into more detail.

“I was already suspicious and a lot had gotten in my ear too. When I came back, the house was already upside down. Other people had been in my house”, he said.

“The fact that I entered the Farm was to relax, but when I entered I missed my daughters and there was this situation happening… I already entered very fragile”, she said.

Bombom also told on the podcast that it was her ex-husband who negotiated her fee for the reality show.

They were married from 2001 to 2009 and had two daughters, Olivia and Thalita.

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