company that sells Stanley cup delays deliveries

The doctor Rafael Aguiar, 44, made two purchases of thermo cups on the website of Ikeg, a company that sells products for consumers of alcoholic beverages cheaper than the competitor Stanley. In February of this year, he paid R$244 for two glasses and in the month of May, close to the date of the first delivery, he paid another R$99 for one more unit. He hasn’t received any orders yet. Stanley glasses, which are more expensive, became a fad for keeping beer cold for hours. Ikeg offers the most affordable product.

“I didn’t get to research to see if Ikeg was making deliveries. I decided to buy another one to see if everything arrived together. It was an illusion of mine”, says Aguiar.

What are the prices? On the Ikeg website, products are always on sale. A thermos cup costs BRL 299.67 for BRL 89.90 —a Stanley brand unit can cost more than BRL 200 — and a portable beer cooler sells for BRL 350 —the original price is BRL 1,890—. Payment can be made by credit card, Pix (with an additional 7% off), bank slip and digital wallet.

What is the deadline? The delivery promise is within 60 working days, as the products are imported from China. Ikeg’s distribution center is located in the Tatuapé neighborhood, east of São Paulo, according to the company. The logistics partner is Loggi.

How many complaints are there against the company? The Reclame Aqui website gathers over 23,800 complaints against Ikeg, 20,000 of which in the last six months alone. A survey by Procon-SP (Foundation for Consumer Protection and Defense) shows 681 records related to non-delivery/delay in delivery in the first half of this year.

Rafael Aguiar made two purchases on the Ikeg website - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Rafael Aguiar has two undelivered purchases to date

Image: Personal Archive

Even a petition with more than 250 signatures calls for public action against the company. The negative reaction also reached YouTube with the publication of videos of people who say they have been harmed by Ikeg.

What does Procon say? Procon-SP informed the UOL which will notify Ikeg because of the numerous records on its website, and the company will have until Friday (19) to draw up an action plan in order to resolve the demands pointed out by consumers. If nothing is resolved, you can pay a fine of up to R$3 million.

What does the company say? Ikeg claims that a system change issue on the website earlier this year resulted in customers losing addresses and, consequently, delays in deliveries made from January to April. The delay period now exceeds six months.

Ikeg uses automated messaging to respond to customers

Lênio Edberg found out about the Ikeg website after referring a friend who received the product - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Lenio Edberg found out about the Ikeg website after referring a friend who received the product

Image: Personal Archive

A common complaint among consumers is the difficulty of contacting the company. Civil servant Lênio Edberg, 38, made a purchase at Ikeg after a friend who had a positive experience recommended the site.

Edberg claims that emails sent in response and phone calls are all automated. He bought a kit of 12 thermal cups for R$672 in March.

According to him, the voice message informs that the products will be delivered within 15 days. The same information, however, is repeated at the end of the term. “To date, no employee has called me to say anything,” he declares.

Edberg was informed by email that the invoice had been generated in early August, five months after the purchase. However, he did not receive the document. It was the last straw for him to ask for a refund.

Tracking purchases is impossible, says customer

Alex Borges spent R$ 1,100 on Ikeg products - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Alex Borges spent R$1,100 on Ikeg products, but still hasn’t received anything

Image: Personal Archive

Software developer Alex Borges monitored prices posted daily on the Ikeg website. In April, he decided to buy a portable beer bottle and a box of 12 capsules for the product. In total, he spent R$1,100.

In addition to the difficulty of contact, he claims that he cannot track his purchase. Borges has been using the order number, made available at the end of July, on the Loggi website, but the message that appears is “no orders with this code.”

He still shows interest in receiving the thermal cups. Your last alternative is to request cancellation and refund the full amount.

Ikeg says problems are being solved

Ikeg sells, in addition to cups, thermoses and beer bottles - Reproduction - Reproduction

Ikeg sells, in addition to thermo cups, thermoses and beer coolers at attractive prices

Image: Reproduction

Ikeg CEO José Gnoato sought out the UOL to comment on the complaints. He reinforced the statement posted on the company’s Facebook that says the delay was the result of a failure on the site after a system change.

According to him, the platform update, made to accommodate more user access, changed the clients’ addresses. Gnoato says that Ikeg employees have been calling each consumer, one by one, to re-register data.

The interviewees heard by UOL say they have not received any calls. “My address has never changed on the site. It has always been the same”, says Rafael Aguiar.

José gnoate and André Salton are the partners of Ikeg. The company has been in existence since 2018 and, according to consumer comments, has made more than 1 million product deliveries to date.

“Customers are dissatisfied, with good reason. And we inform you that we are returning the money, making a chargeback to everyone who asks. We don’t want to harm them anymore”, declares Gnoato.

Company blocks comments box

Ikeg has blocked the comment box on all its social networks, preventing interaction with users. Questioned by UOL about the reason for this action, Gnoato states that the official pages “always” had this section closed, since before the complaints popped up, “to make it easier for them to get in touch through direct messages” on the company’s pages.

Also according to Gnoato, orders placed from May onwards have been shipped within the deadline. He says that the company’s distribution center will be expanded to accommodate demand and more employees will be hired for the logistics area.

Even in the face of difficulties, the CEO of Ikeg says that the company is growing and will expand to Portugal, possibly in early 2023.

O UOL contacted Loggi, Ikeg’s logistics operator, and asked if the company recognizes the flaws pointed out by customers and if the Ikeg Follow being partner. In a statement, the company declares that it “does not disclose information about the contracts.”

Also according to Loggi, all negotiations regarding deliveries are made directly with its customers.

What the customer can do

Renata Reis, Service coordinator at Procon-SP, says that the CDC (Consumer Defense Code) establishes that all offers must be fulfilled by a company. If this does not happen, the customer has the option of requesting a refund of the amount paid or accepting another equivalent product or service.

There is still the possibility of filing a claim for compensation in court for possible losses and damages. In addition to Ikeg, the company’s business partners are also responsible for consumer losses.

Reis considers that the disclosure of the company’s products in the midst of deliveries not made is an aggravating factor to be considered. “The company continues offering and does not guarantee delivery”, he declares.

According to Glenda Gondim, lawyer and specialist in consumer law, the Special Civil Court is the most suitable alternative for consumers who cannot resolve the situation amicably with the company. Popularly known as “Small Causes”, the body judges actions of lesser complexity.

The presence of a lawyer is waived in actions whose value of the case does not exceed 20 minimum wages (R$ 24,240).

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