Cubana Soviet jet arrives low and almost lands off the runway

A video captured the impressive landing of an iconic Soviet quad jet from Cubana de Aviación, which arrived quite low and almost landed off the runway.

The plane at the moment of landing, in the scene of the video presented below

The plane in question is the Ilyushin IL-96-300, a four-engine model and one of the great symbols of the Soviet, later Russian, aircraft industry. It is the largest passenger aircraft in production in Russia today and also equips the Red Air Force, even serving President Vladimir Putin as a presidential jet.

Few countries still operate this jet, one of them being Cuba, which, due to its historical proximity to Moscow and sanctions imposed by the US, resorts to non-Western jets such as those of Ilyushin.

Despite restrictions on flights to Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine, the Eurasian country still receives foreign flights, including from the Cuban capital, Havana. Cubana de Aviación’s IL-96 with registration number flew to Voronezh, and then on to Moscow.

And it was the arrival in the Russian city little known to the western public that caught the attention. The aircraft makes a low approach, touching the landing gear in the first meters of the runway, almost outside it, as shown in the following recording:

According to Russian aeronautical publications, there is work being done on the other side of the runway, and because of this the available landing distance has been reduced by 300 meters, which is the possible reason why Cubana pilots choose to arrive low and make less use. of runway, touching the ground as soon as possible after the start of the runway overflight.

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