Employees of the company that will monitor the elections announce a strike

Servers from the company that will monitor the elections, from the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), announced a strike throughout Brazil starting next Wednesday, 17, indefinitely.

The professionals of the public company, a reference in technology services, claim a salary readjustment of 12.13%, a number based on the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA), seeking salary recomposition based on official inflation.

The information can be found on the websites of unions that represent this category, such as the National Front of Computer Workers (FNI).

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The body was hired by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to monitor the internet during the presidential elections in October.

The company also performs the standardization of documents for 35 ports and the development of tools for the National Treasury.

THE PEOPLE has not yet been able to contact the company to clarify more details about the strike.

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In previous attempts at negotiation, Serpro management only offered in the Collective Bargaining Agreement 2022/2023 a salary replacement of 6.06%, which would correspond to half of the losses (12.03%), considering the accumulated with the IPCA of May.

According to the National Front, this happened even after the company’s Board was authorized to have the full IPCA in their salaries and with “Serpro having a very high profit, returning R$ 400 million to the Union as dividends in 2021.”

“While male and female workers accumulate 18% of losses until 2021 and another 12% in 2022 in their remuneration because they do not have a single full replacement of inflation since 2016, the company’s management will receive the full amount”, adds the FNI, in note.

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