Flora discovers Dodi’s hiding place, destroys the last copy of the video that exonerates Donatela of crime and leaves her ex-companion living on the street

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In The favorite, Dodi (Murilo Benicio) will blackmail Flora (Patricia Pillar) with a video he recorded of her killing Salvatore (Walmor Chagas). After that, the bandit will marry the shrew and return to having the good life living with her on the ranch.

Willing to change the game, Flora will find a way to make Dodi lose all his perks. Bribed by the villain, Norton (Alexandre Schumacher) goes to show her where Dodi keeps the money he embezzled from the Fontini company. In the warehouse that serves as a hiding place for the rogue’s riches, the villain will also find the DVD that proves Donatela’s (Claudia Raia) innocence in Salvatore’s death.

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Quickly, Flora will take the DVD and show Dodi that she found the object. Much to his dismay, the bitch will make a point of destroying the last copy of the video in front of her. As Dodi no longer has any reason to blackmail her, Flora kicks him out of the house and will still humiliate him.

Dodi, finished, will be left with nowhere to go. In order not to live on the street, the villain goes to his sister’s house, Fafá (Claudia Missura), will ask for help and will come across Silveirinha (Ary Fontoura). Furious, Dodi will accuse the butler of playing both sides.

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