Giant rabbits are rescued and now looking for new owners

More than 40 giant rabbits that would be slaughtered were rescued in England by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), an entity for the prevention and care of animals. The mammals, which were victims of abuse, according to the NGO, are now available for adoption and are looking for new homes.

The 47 animals — found on an estate in Northumberland on July 11 — are from the Flanders Giant breed, one of the largest of the species. Their weight can vary between 6 to 10 kg.

Of the group found by the NGO, the largest rabbit weighed more than 8 kg, the same as a medium-sized dog. Its ears measured 7 inches, the equivalent of almost 18 cm. The group was in “cramped and dirty” conditions, the institution said.

The inspectors suspect that the rabbits were being fattened and then slaughtered, as their skin and meat are sold on the illegal market.

“Although often kept as pets, giant rabbits are still bred by some for their fur and meat and it is believed that these rabbits were being bred to be eaten,” the NGO said on its website.

Half of these rabbits were adults. The other had puppies, which, despite being from litters of crosses with smaller breeds, will become larger than normal, says the NGO.

Flanders Giant Rabbits

The Flanders Giants, a European breed, developed in Belgium, are widely used for exhibitions and as pets. However, they are also victims of exploitation, often bred to have their skins and meat extracted.

The NGO informed that they are now under the care of the entity, which will put them up for adoption.

“These poor rabbits lived in cramped and dirty conditions that would be very unpleasant good conditions, although one is on medication for watery eyes and a wound on the back of the head, but we hope they find loving homes soon,” said RSPCA Inspector Trevor Walker. .

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