Goalkeeper Diogo Silva scores twice against Grêmio and commands a remarkable victory for CRB: “Done”; video | crb

Goalkeeper Diogo Silva likes to face big teams. Grow in these games. Last year, he shone in the match in which CRB eliminated the mighty Palmeiras in the Copa do Brasil. He took three penalties and even left his own at Alianz Parque.

This Saturday, he drew attention for the goals against Grêmio, not for the defenses. Diogo is a great penalty taker. Cold, he usually watches the opposing goalkeeper before charging.

Diogo Silva celebrates the goal against Grêmio — Photo: Ailton Cruz/Gazeta de Alagoas

It was like this in the victory of CRB this Saturday, by 2 to 0, in Rei Pelé. He faced goalkeeper Brenno twice in the first half, changed the side of the charge and scored both goals. This was, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable victories of the Rooster of the season, even due to the strength of the opponent.

The result also puts the Alagoas team in ninth place, with 32 points, and greatly reduces the risk of relegation. It also brings the team closer to fifth place. Diogo celebrated the performance.

– Glory to God for the deed. I train (penalties) and when Anselmo (Ramon) is not there, I have that responsibility in the game. In normal time, those are my first two goals, but I scored five times from penalty kicks. In my accounts, there are seven goals – said the CRB goalkeeper, in an interview with reporter Andréa Resende, from Premiere.

CRB still had the side Guilherme Romão sent off in the 24th minute of the first half, but he knew how to defend himself against King Pelé and Diogo did not make great saves in the victory over Grêmio. It was only required at intersections.

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