In crisis with Simaria, Simone talks about rumors about her sister and husband: ‘It’s tied up’

Simone Mendes returned to Brazil this Saturday (13) after spending three days in Orlando, United States. In social networks, the singer showed the reunion with her husband, Kaká Diniz, who joked with the rumors that she would have traveled to escape the controversies involving her sister, Simaria. “Hey, my cat. Let’s have lunch”, called the pilot, who pinned: “Did she come back from Orlando? Did she run away there?”. “I’m back, for the glory of God. It’s tied up. The people invent it, they saw it. God forbid! Mercy, Lord”, countered the artist.

When embarking for the United States, Simone said that she was going to the country to resolve pending issues. “Last minute, where did I end up? At Disney again [em Orlando, nos Estados Unidos]. I came to do what? Solve some of my affairs. So, I decided at the last minute. With three or four hours to go before the flight, I bought the ticket and bye! I’m leaving”, explained Simone.

The singer also regretted the longing of her husband, Kaká Diniz, and her children Zaya and Henry – who celebrated his birthday this week. “How crazy. I don’t have any sense. But if it’s not like that, we won’t solve anything. I took it and came. I already desperately miss my children and my husband”, declared the sertaneja.

Simaria’s alleged passion for Kaká Diniz increases the crisis with Simone

According to columnist Thiago Sodré, from the Instagram page “Fama e Fato”, the reason for the fight between the sisters was Simaria’s passion for Kaka. He claims that Simone discovered her sister’s “betrayal” and, unable to overcome the attempt at a relationship with her husband, ended up putting an end to the duo.

The rumors gained the web and Kaká Diniz vented about the matter indirectly in a caption of a family photo. “I learned that the best way to combat any manifestation of hatred is through love! When we say that God is love, we talk about love for our neighbor, because loving yourself is easy, it’s even difficult to have compassion for the other. “, began the businessman.

“These days, nothing surprises me anymore when talking about the internet. I’m not talking about the social network, but who makes up the social network. it’s in the lives of those who are happy, but in the lives of those who are unhappy,” he continued.

Amid the family controversies, the duo’s crisis intensifies. The artists have already given numerous indications that they will follow in the music separately soon, but have not announced the end of the partnership. According to Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the biggest obstacle to this is the contract with the Universal Music label, signed since 2015. The publication states that there are no clauses on separation, but rather questions about the delivery of albums and the image of the artists. .

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