Marcus Buaiz, ​​Wanessa Camargo’s ex, says he wants to be a father again

Marcus Buaiz, ​​businessman and ex-husband of Wanessa Camargo, shared his view on fatherhood and the current moment he lives with his children, after the end of his marriage with the children’s mother. He also said that, in addition to his two children, João Francisco and José Marcus, he would like to be the father of a girl.

In an interview with Crescer magazine, Marcus expressed the importance of being present in his children’s lives: “I’ve always dreamed of being a father, it was something planned and desired. And, more than that, a father present, even with all the attributions of businessman and entrepreneur that I am. I usually say that if you want to, you have time for everything!”

“When I’m in São Paulo, where I usually stay, I take the children to school, participate in activities, help with their homework and also accompany them in some extra activity, such as tennis, muay thai or judo. my life is to be a father, to educate — it’s the most important thing for me. Besides having two boys, I still intend to fulfill the dream of having a girl too!”, he said.

Wanessa’s recent separation, however, has affected the frequency with which he sees the children: “Unfortunately, we don’t see each other every day anymore, but the time we spent together really qualified. The 14 days of the month they are with me , we keep the same routine as we had before: I take them to school, we have dinner together and, whenever I can, between one meeting and another, I will surprise them in one of the extra activities in the afternoon”.

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