Midfielder elected Corinthians star on the night of defeat in Drbi; side the worst

Corinthians met its first defeat as home team in the 2022 Brazilian on Sunday night after being overcome by Palmeiras. As was to be expected, the setback reflected directly on the picture “Fan Notes“, here from my wheel.

In a night of low averages, the best evaluated was Renato Augusto. The midfielder, who started and stayed on the field for the 90 minutes, received an average of 6.7. It was from his feet that the best Corinthians opportunities in the match came out.

Close behind are Balbuena and Cássio. The defender received an average of 6.2 and the goalkeeper of 5.9. The duo, who was also a starter, helped in the defensive behavior of the alvinegra team.

On the other hand, the worst of the night was Fagner. Shirt 23, who was reserve against Palmeiras, entered the field with the ball rolling and made the pass mistake that ended up resulting in the opponent’s goal. It was rated at 0.9. Roni, who scored the goal from Palmeiras pushing against his own goal, scored 1.7. Adson completes the podium with 1.9.

Check out the notes from the Corinthians fans *

Average rating: 5.9
Reviews received: 1,748
Rafael AntRafael Ramos
Average rating: 5.4
Reviews received: 1,745
Bruno MBruno Mendez
Average rating: 5.8
Reviews received: 1,747
Average rating: 6.2
Reviews received: 1,748
Lucas Piton CrivellaroLucas Piton
Average rating: 4.3
Reviews received: 1,716
Eduardo Santos QueirozDu Queiroz
Average rating: 4.4
Reviews received: 1,711
Fausto Mariano VeraFausto Vera
Average rating: 4.6
Reviews received: 1,734
Renato Soares de Oliveira AugustoRenato Augusto
ace of the match
Average rating: 6.7
Reviews received: 1,756
Gustavo Henric da SilvaGustavo Silva
Average rating: 3.4
Reviews received: 1,697
RRoger Guedes
Average rating: 4.2
Reviews received: 1,740
Yuri Alberto Monteiro da SilvaYuri Alberto
Average rating: 2.5
Reviews received: 1,754
Fagner Conserva LemosFagner
Average rating: 0.9
Reviews received: 1,881
Adson Ferreira Soaresaddon
Average rating: 1.9
Reviews received: 1,714
Roni Medeiros de MouraRon
Average rating: 1.7
Reviews received: 1,775
VVictor Pereira
Average rating: 2.7
Reviews received: 1746
Raphael Claus
Average rating: 2.7
Reviews received: 1457
Total votes: 27,669

*Notes from the fans registered until 08/13/2022 at 23:31. The evaluations of Corinthians 0 x 1 Palmeiras players, coach and referee will remain open for the public to vote until 08/14/2022 at 19:00.

See more at: Notes from the crowd, Drbi and Corinthians x Palmeiras.

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