Rodrigo Mussi reveals that his mother tried to take R$ 50 thousand from him

Rodrigo Mussi reveals that his mother tried to take R$ 50 thousand from him shortly after leaving the

Rodrigo Mussi reveals that his mother tried to take R$50,000 from him shortly after leaving the “BBB22” (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Former participant of “Big Brother Brasil 22”, Rodrigo Mussi was surprised by a request from her mother shortly after leaving the program. According to the ex-brother, the matriarch demanded that her son give her R$ 50,000, without explanation, which made him make the decision to break the relationship between the two.

“It was in the morning [pós-eliminação]. He was upset. Imagine, when you need it most. That was a shock, it was strong”, recalled the commercial manager in an interview with journalist Léo Dias. “The drastic thing, when it ended for me [a nossa relação]it was in the morning of [participação na] Ana Maria Braga. We go out of the ‘BBB’ very crazy, we don’t even sleep well. In the morning, there was a message from her: ‘I want R$ 50,000’. It wasn’t possible, so I said: ‘What for?’. ‘Because I want R$50,000, I know the son I have’, something like that.”

Rodrigo went on to say that, after his mother’s message, he decided to break up with her and asked her not to look for him anymore. Despite this, the ex-brother experienced another unpleasant episode with the matriarch, which made him have no interest in resuming the relationship in the future.

The situation occurred shortly after the serious accident suffered by Rodrigo at the end of March this year. The mother allegedly went to visit him in the hospital and, in the room, tried to photograph him in a coma: “The cameras recorded it, then the security guards took it, made her delete the photo and she could no longer enter the hospital. When she was waking up from the coma , they told me and I said: ‘normal, I already knew it was going to happen'”, he recalled.

Rodrigo has already spoken, on several occasions, about the difficult relationship with his parents, who threw him out of the house on some occasions. In his first post-accident interview, the commercial manager recalled fights and aggression between his parents in childhood and even a case of sexual abuse committed by a nanny.

“One question I asked myself is: ‘How long will I fight?’ [Depois do acidente] I thought, ‘Again? How long will I fight?'”, he declared, recalling the post-“BBB22” opportunities, which he could not take advantage of due to the event. “I fought all my life to be independent and there I was being dependent”, he added about the period in who was hospitalized.

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