“Says a lot more about her”

Giovanna Ewbank comments on Karina Bacchi's speech:

Giovanna Ewbank comments on Karina Bacchi: “It says a lot more about her”

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Giovanna Ewbank spoke out after Karina Bacchi criticized her for the way she defended her children, Titi and Bless, from a racist attack in Portugal. The model and presenter commented on a tweet by journalist and content creator Maíra Azevedo who stated that Karina wanted to polemic.

“Who didn’t understand that KB wanted this… polemic?? She really wants to adjust to the conservative discourse, and strengthen herself with this audience! Reposting her… only makes her grow! And that’s exactly what she expects and wants!”, wrote Tia Má on Twitter.

Giovanna agreed: “It’s method! And I almost replied because it revolts when they get involved in how I defend my children. But the fact that it bothers me more that I retaliated against racist aggression shows how the violence that my children and Angolans have suffered is ignored”, pointed out the model and presenter. “It says a lot more about her and who agrees with her than it does about me,” she concluded.

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