Simaria shows meeting with Simone’s baby and surprises

Singer Simaria came up with her sister’s daughter, Simone, and delighted fans

The singer simariaduo of Simone, surprised by showing his youngest niece. Apparently, little Zaya went to visit her aunt’s house. The one year and five month old baby is Simone’s youngest child. She is the result of the marriage of the sertaneja with the businessman, Kaká Diniz. They’ve been together for almost 10 years.

In addition to the little girl, the two are also parents to a boy. Henry, the eldest, recently turned eight. The anniversary was celebrated in early August. The event was attended by the boy’s aunt who was accompanied by her two children.

The eldest of the Mendes family is the mother of 10-year-old Giovanna and six-year-old Pawel. Apparently, the Colleagues were not very close during the celebration. Since no photos of the two were released together.

Days later, simaria celebrated the eldest daughter’s birthday. Giovanna turned 10 at the end of July, but the party took place later. For now, only photos of the birthday girl were published next to her mother, brother and other children. In addition to clicks with the beautiful decoration, whose theme was the “Bambi” design.

It is worth remembering that the duo formed by the Mendes sisters is going through a troubled period. It all started with a disagreement when they were performing on a television show. Audio of a small argument between the two leaked out and followed a series of barbs.

After being late in shows and granting some interviews that sounded like criticism of Simone, the sertaneja decided to move away from the stage. The reason given was to take care of health. For now, there is no prediction of when the artist will return to sing with her sister.

Simone continued with her entire schedule of shows of the duo. Professional commitments took a little break in the last week. The famous took advantage of the period to travel to the United States. This time, she embarked without the company of Kaka and her children.

The short trip was for her to resolve personal issues. Back in Brazil, she showed her children with the gifts she brought from the tour. hours later, simaria showcased little Zaya in what appears to be her own home. Simone’s baby came with Auntie wearing a beautiful striped outfit.

“Zayinha, love! Here’s a cupcake, auntie will open it for you. Check it out”, said the singer to the girl, who seems very interested in the treat. The baby tries to get the box, while the aunt opens the candy for her to eat. In the following records, it is not possible to know if the baby was alone or with the mother.

Little Zaya, Simone's baby, along with Aunt Simaria

Instagram reproduction Little Zaya, Simone’s baby, visiting Auntie Simaria

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