VP takes zero for sparing starting defense in the derby

The nightmare experienced by Corinthians seems far from over. Days after being eliminated from Libertadores by Flamengo, Timão suffered a heavy blow this Saturday (13). The 1-0 defeat to Palmeiras at the Neo Química Arena was another blow to the whites, who saw the arch-rivals open a gap of nine points in the lead of the Brasileirão. Coach Vitor Pereira feels the pressure increase, and the game on Wednesday (17) against Atlético-GO, on the return to the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil, will be decisive for his future – and the team from Goiás won 2-0 in going

At Live from Corinthiansprogram of UOL Esporte right after Timão’s matches, journalists Vitor Guedes and Ricardo Perrone evaluated the performances of Corinthians players in the classic against Palmeiras. There were criticisms of coach Vitor Pereira, mainly for sparing some of the team’s main players in the derby.

“It was clear that Vitor Pereira does not know what a derby is. He spoke after the match in Goiânia [derrota por 2 a 0 para o Atlético-GO] that Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto could not play together. He lied as he climbed both of them. The best of the attack was Gustavo Mosquito, who he replaced for the second half. And Fábio Santos, Fagner and Gil, who are holders, stayed on the bench. He saved in the derby again”, criticized Vitão.

Check out the notes for Corinthians players and coach:


Vitão – It was not his fault in the goal – 7

Perrone – 6.5

Rafael Ramos

Vitão – It’s horrible. All of Palmeiras’ chances of scoring were on him – 1

Perrone – 4.5

Bruno Mendez

Vitão – 6

Perrone – 6.5


Vitão – I liked it a lot – 7.5

Perrone – He recovered and was very safe – 7.5

Lucas Piton

Vitão – 5

Perrone – It’s the tortoise that VO put in the tree – 4.5

Du Queiroz

Vitão – 7

Perrone – Very good in disarming and support – 7.5

Fausto Vera

Vitão – 5

Perrone – 5.5

Renato Augusto

Vitão – kicked four times in the stands. He tried, but without his inspiration- 6

Perrone – Played too much. In addition to setting, he contributed to the marking – 8.5

Gustavo Mosquito

Vitão – He was the best of the attack and, as a prize, he was substituted – 6.5

Perrone – 5.5

Roger Guedes

Vitão – His way of playing is irritating – 3

Perrone – It started with a good movement, but it didn’t go well – 4.5

Yuri Alberto

Vitão – 1

Perrone – Still owes a great performance – 4.5


Vitão – He started well and improved the team, but had participation in the goal of Palmeiras – 4

Perrone – 4.5


Vitão – two

Perrone – 4


Vitão – 5

Perrone –5

Victor Pereira

Vitão – A person who saves in derby doesn’t deserve a higher grade – 0

Perrone – The team’s first half was good, but they couldn’t sustain it in the second half – 4.5

Don’t miss out! The next edition of Live from Corinthians will be on Wednesday (17), right after the return game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil against Atlético-GO. You can follow the program through the UOL Channel, in the app UOL Scoreon the Corinthians page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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