WHATSAPP: Long-awaited features may launch in 2022

O Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging application in Brazil, and the company responsible for the messenger, Meta, has been investing more and more to add the best user experience.

Some functions, long awaited by users of the application, may be released later this year. So, check out the new tools that can be launched in a short time in the messenger.

Hiding “last seen” for selected contacts

One of the most requested functions for the app is hiding the “last seen” status for specific contacts. In order to meet the users’ need for greater privacy, Meta began the testing phase of the new function.

According to the WABetaInfo website, the Whatsapp will add a new option in the privacy settings, which will allow users to choose between the following “last seen” options: “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “Nobody” and “My Contacts except…”.

Admins delete any messages in groups

Last Saturday (30), another novelty from the Whatsapp was discovered. According to the specialized website WABetaInfo, a new feature can be released in messenger groups, which will allow joint chat administrators to delete any incoming message for all participants.

The new feature was discovered in the Android beta version and is currently under development. In addition, there is no information about its release or its availability for iOS devices.

Function to transcribe voice messages

According to the specialized website WABetaInfo, a new function will be tested in the beta version of the messenger, on iOS devices, which will allow you to automatically transcribe voice messages to text. Also, according to the information obtained, the feature would only be released for iOS system phones, because a specific Apple tool is used to run it.

The function is not yet available for use, but everything indicates that it will be released gradually from the end of the year.

WhatsApp chatbot

In addition to the novelty for the application’s groups, Meta, the company responsible for Whatsappmay launch a Chatbot later this year.

The function would be a kind of official messenger channel, in which it would notify users about all the news related to the APP. Currently, the Status page is used to spread WhatsApp news.

So far, there is no information on whether the user must register to access the chatbot, or if it will be used automatically.

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