Why can’t you powder the baby with talcum powder? doctor answers

Johnson & Johnson recently announced that it will suspend the production and sale of talc powder worldwide. The company’s justification was the lack of public interest – but, according to a pediatrician consulted by universethe product should not be used on babies and young children under any circumstances.

“The main concern is the continuous aspiration of this dust, composed of very small particles that, when they enter the airway and travel to the lung, can cause inflammation, infection and allergies”, explains pediatrician Pedro Cavalcante, a member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics. and the Brazilian Society of Medicine of Family.

Johnson & Johnson claims the product is safe but faces lawsuits alleging that talc, made from a secondary-source mineral from hydrated magnesium silicate, can cause inflammation and cancer. The disease would affect, especially, the female reproductive organ, explains the doctor.

According to Pedro, the use of talc powder for babies is more related to popular culture, which comes from generations and generations, than to the effectiveness against diaper rash, which is not proven.

He discourages the use of any powdered product in the hygiene of young children, including homemade ones, such as cornstarch, and suggests the use of liquid talc, which is nothing more than a type of moisturizer that can help fight diaper rash and rashes.

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