5 simple habits that can increase your serotonin level

Popularly known as the “happiness hormone”, serotonin is a chemical produced by the body. Through it, it is possible to regulate a series of negative sensations, such as aggression, depression and bad mood. Next, check 5 simple habits that can increase your serotonin level.

Depression, anxiety, eating disorder and several other diseases linked to the mind are the most common today, and are directly related to the body’s serotonin.

The search for specialized professionals has been growing and preconceptions are giving way to objective and assertive information. Thus, people take care not only of the health of the body, but also of the mind.

What is serotonin?

First, it is important to understand what is serotonin. It is a neurotransmitter, which are molecules responsible for communication between cells in the nervous system. In the brain, it is responsible for stimulating the so-called serotonergic system, directly related to mood and well-being.

Dysfunctions of this neurotransmitter are closely linked to anxiety and depression. However, it is not only in the brain that it acts. Serotonin acts on different functions of the body, helping to regulate mood, sleep, appetite, body temperature and anxiety.

Check out 5 habits that can increase the level of serotonin

In general, having low levels of serotonin causes depressive states, changes in our sleep, anxiety, appetite disorders, difficulties in maintaining attention and learning and even presenting chronic pain.

So, check out 5 ways to increase this neurotransmitter in your body:

  1. Practice physical activity: Maintaining a physical activity routine is important for the overall health of the body. When there is exercise, the body stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are important for the sensation of pleasure;
  2. Eat a diet rich in tryptophan: have a diet rich in foods rich in this amino acid which is a precursor of serotonin. Among them, cocoa, bananas, peanuts, fish and eggs can be highlighted;
  3. Sunbathe regularly: this item needs a little attention, as it is important to expose yourself to the sun only at the recommended times (before 10 am and after 4 pm);
  4. Do a relaxation activity: everyday stress collaborates with bad mood and low serotonin production. So take time to meditate, stretch or play with your pet, for example;
  5. Supplements and vitamins: if none of the previous tips help in this process, it is important to look for a professional who will be able to recommend vitamins and supplements. Remember that self-medication is not recommended. Always look for a professional in the area.

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