9 Weird Places Made Up of Bizarre Figures on Google Maps

Google Maps has a lot of images from around the world, and among them you can find quite bizarre things ranging from military aircraft cemeteries, polka dot patterns created by ants and mysterious structures in the Gobi Desert to a ghost island in the South Pacific. . Check out the strangest tracks ever captured on Google Maps below.

9. Mysterious swastika, Kazakhstan

This swastika is part of a set of 50 geoglyphs dating back 2,000 years, discovered by scientists in northern Kazakhstan, in Central Asia. At the time, swastikas were not uncommon in Europe and Asia, and they were also not affiliated with any political beliefs.

Mysterious swastika, Kazakhstan (Image: Reproduction/Google Earth)

8. Strange Circles, Jordan

Google Maps has detected some ancient artwork recorded in Jordan’s Azraq Oasis, including geometric wheel-shaped structures that are around 8,500 years old, which appear to be positioned in a way that aligns with the sunrise on the Solstice of Winter. The structures also known as “works of the old” have been investigated by a team of scientists from the Aerial Photographic Archive for Archeology of the Middle East (APAAME).

Strange Circles, Jordan (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

7. The Badlands Guardian, Alberta, Canada

When viewed from the air, this structure resembles an indigenous person. It is believed to be at least 100 years old and formed through the erosion of soft, clay-rich soils by wind and water.

The Badlands Guardian, Alberta, Canada (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

6. Pentagram, Kazakhstan

This pentagram is located on the southern bank of the Tobol Superior reservoir in Kazakhstan and measures about 365 meters in diameter. Many online comments have linked the figure to “evil religious sects”, but it’s just the outline of a park made in the shape of a star.

Pentagram, Kazakhstan (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

5. Giant of Tarapacá, Chile

The giant of Tarapacá, found in the Atacama Desert in Chile, is a geoglyph measuring 119 meters in length and dating from some period ranging from 900 to 1450 (AD). The figure represents an ancient astronomical calendar and would serve to guide harvest cycles.

Giant of Tarapacá, Chile (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

4. Bunker to survive the end of the world, USA

Found engraved on the desert floor near Mesa Huerfanita in the US are two large diamond-shaped symbols surrounded by a pair of overlapping circles — they are also known as Trementina Base. Investigative journalist John Sweeney claims the site marks a hidden bunker belonging to the Church of Scientology to escape Armageddon.

Bunker to survive the end of the world, USA (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

3. Desert Lips, Sudan

This lipped figure was spotted near Arawala, a village in West Darfur, Sudan. It is not known what caused the formation, but it closely resembles the structure of the human body.

Desert lips, Sudan (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

2. Military base, China

According to experts, this pattern of lines located in China’s Gobi Desert is a secret military base for a variety of purposes, including weapons testing, spy satellite calibration and radar instrumentation testing.

Military base, China (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

1. Tonopah Proving Grounds, Nevada, United States

The Tonopah Proving Grounds, also known as Area 52, is located in the Nevada desert in the USA. Some claim that the site is formed by a set of underground facilities similar to Area 51. According to a local Las Vegas television station, a nuclear device is being used in the area.

Tonopah Proving Ground, Nevada, United States (Screenshot: Munich Shih)

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