Adriana Esteves’s hot son is discovered and the beauty impresses

Adriana Esteves’ son was exposed to Brazil for his beauty

A consolidated actress who starred in several productions on Globo, Adriana Esteves won the recognition he deserved for his outstanding roles. But, in addition to life on the small screen, the famous is also a first-class mother and has two handsome sons, Vicente Brichta, 15, and Felipe Ricca, 22.

Despite leading a discreet life and few people knew him, the artist’s eldest son ended up being exposed to Brazil. It turns out that the young man squanders his absurd beauty on social media, being so hot that many find him the most beautiful in Brazil.

Currently, Adriana Esteves’ son is taking a technical course in theater in Rio de Janeiro and made his debut in a first performance with an audience in scenes in the play ‘O Jantar’.

The play, directed by the actress Ticiana Studart, is part of the conclusion work of the second period of the theater course at Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras. The scenes are based on the work “Hot August”, by the American Tracy Letts.

Not long ago, the boy was with his mother and brother, Vicente Brichta, at the Firjan Theater, in Rio de Janeiro, to watch the premiere of the play ‘Tudo’, which has his stepfather, Vladimir Brichta, Adriana’s current partner. Esteves, in the cast. At the time, the handsome guy was also accompanied by his girlfriend Flavia Mekler.

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On social networks, the boy’s photos usually receive a shower of praise from the public, which does not fail to highlight how beautiful he is. The boy’s beauty is so great that he leaves the audience with their hearts in their hands

“What a man”, “Surreal beauty”, “Maravilhosoooo”, “Too beautiful”, “He is perfect”, “Too beautiful”, said some netizens, praising the artist.

Felipe Ricca, son of Adriana Esteves (Photo: Reproduction)
Felipe Ricca, son of Adriana Esteves (Photo: Reproduction)
Adriana Esteves and her son Felipe Ricca (Photo: Reproduction)
Adriana Esteves and her son, Felipe Ricca (Photo: Reproduction)

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