Cat becomes ‘guide’ of blind dog and with meows leads him around the house

The partnership of a blind dog and a cat that helps him to walk around the house through meows has won over the residents of Vermont, in the northeast of the United States.

The dog Blaze lost his eyesight in 2020, but Satin, his feline sister, helps him get around, according to the South West News Service.

Their owner, Robin Wagner, 28, adopted Blaze in 2019. Upon taking the dog to the vet, she discovered that he was blind in one eye and would eventually lose his sight in the other over time.

Despite a recommendation for surgery, the animal’s right eye was removed, and vision in the left eye was completely lost.

Satin the cat already lived with Wagner in Burlington and welcomed Blaze warmly. Both formed an inseparable bond, even if the dog often stepped on the feline because he couldn’t see.

“Satin likes to rub himself against his long legs, just like a cat does against a table or chair. As Blaze lost her eyesight, she was being trampled a lot,” Wagner told SWNS about the pets’ early days together.

To help her brother, Satin has learned a surprising trick: she meows Blaze to let him know where he is. With that, the dog began to understand that he was going to step on her or not.

As the days passed, the cat also used her meowing to keep Blaze from crashing into walls or furniture.

“She would meow every time he was walking towards her. She would meow and he would stop and redirect himself,” explained Wagner, noting that this made the pets approach.

“While she’s not the most cuddly and cuddly cat with us, she sure tells Blaze she loves him, and it’s the most beautiful thing to see.”

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