Chay Suede and Caio Castro’s manager dies at 35

Entrepreneur Felipe Carauta, who launched artists such as Chay Suede, Bruno Montaleone, Caio Castro and Sophia Abrahão at the beginning of his career, died at the age of 35. The information was confirmed on the profile of the also writer and press officer on Instagram.

“A professional passionate about what he did, tireless to do the best for all his talents and his family. A man of integrity, who put love in everything”, says the note released on Instagram. The cause of death was not revealed.

Felipe Carauta was known for more than fifteen years for discovering artists for TV, according to Quem. Hall Mendes, Allana Lopes, Talita Younan, Johnny Massaro, Juliana Baroni, Pérola Faria, Rafael Almeida, Giovanna Grigio, Manu Gavassi, Fiuk and Carla Diaz are also among the actors who worked directly with the businessman.

According to the newspaper O Dia, Felipe also managed the career of Marina Ruy Barbosa among the various young artists with whom he worked on TV. “can you offer fortunes, but I only really work with who I believe in”, he added when commenting on the success of his career.

He decided to launch himself as a writer and wrote three books during the quarantine forced by the covid-19 pandemic: “A Fadinha de uma Asa Só”, “Sol e Lua – Under the Light of the Spotlights” and “On the Divã with Davi – No Alto of Brooklyn Bridge”.

“I believe that this label of ‘launching artist’ or ‘celebrity midas’, comes more from the press and from those who follow my work during these years. me. But even raw, I always saw something there”, he said in an interview with the newspaper in February 2021.

Actor Wagner Santisteban mourned the death of the businessman. “Very saddened by my friend’s premature departure. I encouraged him to be a businessman. He was a gigantic press officer,” he wrote in Instagram stories. Director and screenwriter Marcio Tavolari also said goodbye to Felipe on the social network.

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