Deborah Secco counters meme involving her, Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella: ‘Stop creating things from the past’ | TV & Famous

Faced with the comments on social networks involving the actress and the singer, who were together at Altas Horas, Deborah expressed herself in her Stories.

In the images of the program, while Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter and Dado Dolabella’s current girlfriend introduces herself, Hugo Moura’s wife appears with a frown. Then, realizing that she is being filmed, she breaks into a wide smile.

Wanessa Camargo sings 'Love Doesn't Leave'

Wanessa Camargo sings ‘Love Doesn’t Leave’

The video, of course, went viral on social media after netizens recalled rumors that Dado would have cheated on the actress with the singer in the early 2000s.

“Loves, I saw that I created a great meme yesterday. But there are people talking so much nonsense that I insisted on explaining! Wanessa was there, goddess, singing, and I saw the camera giving her a 360.”

“I saw that the thread was on the floor, Wanessa was walking backwards, almost hooking her foot on the thread. And I get a little distressed and I stay there traveling on that and with a face like: ‘Oh my God, it’s going to hook’ “.

“When I see that the camera is on me, I smile to try to disguise the undisguisable. Stop creating things from the past, people. For God’s sake. By the way, I love Wanessa, I’m a fan of Wanessa and I want her to be happy , whatever. Please, it was just a meme, priceless and hilarious. It’s nothing like what you’re talking about”, explained Deborah.

Wanessa reposted the videos and endorsed the actress’ words.

Wanessa Camargo reposted Deborah Secco’s Stories and endorsed the actress’s words — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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