Defense of young man beaten by PMs in MG will trigger the Public Ministry – Gerais

Two photos, one from the front and one from the back, by Marcos Mendon
Marcos Mendona Gonalves, 23, was beaten by military police during an approach in Paineiras on Friday night (8/12) (photo: Personal archive/Marcos Mendona Gonalves)

The defense of Marcos Mendona Gonalves, 23, who was beaten during a police approach in the municipality of Paineiras, in the Central Region of Minas, reported a report by the State of Mines this Sunday (14/8) that will activate the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG). For the criminal lawyer who took over the case, Marcos Aurlio de Souza Santos, this is a clear abuse of authority. In addition to the boy, his girlfriend, Masa Tavares, 18, was also attacked. The defense also asked the Internal Affairs Department of the Military Police for the removal of the military.

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The forecast, according to the lawyer, is that a representation asking for the investigation of the case will be delivered to the MP next Tuesday (14/8). “To this end, we are going to attach the video of the attack against the couple, the medical report from the Legal Medical Institute (IML), in addition to appointing witnesses”, details Marcos Aurlio, who works as a sectional advisor for the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) in Mines. He is also an assistant national attorney for prerogative of the Federal Council of the OAB.

For the young man’s defense, “what was surprising is that, after the immobilization, he was attacked 11 times”. “Up to the moment of his immobilization, I understand, in principle, that the action was legitimate, because we don’t know what happened. But when the aggressions begin, with 11 punches to the head, he was already immobilized. It could even have led to a much worse consequence,” he says. In addition to the abuse of authority, the lawyer understands that the police must answer for bodily harm.
Criminal lawyer and advisor to OAB Minas Marcos Aur
Criminal lawyer and advisor to OAB Minas Marcos Aurlio de Souza Santos
(photo: Personal archive/Marcos Aurlio de Souza Santos)

Police leave request

The lawyer points out that, also next Tuesday, he will call the Internal Affairs Department of the Military Police of Minas Gerais. “There is no way to fight against the images. So, we are going to ask that the police be removed from their duties until all the investigations are done”, points out Marcos Aurlio, noting that the OAB Minas has already been notified to follow up on the case.

Santos also informed that the Human Rights Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais will also be called, so that it monitors all the proceedings. “However, I would like to emphasize that I fully trust the command of the Military Police and the internal affairs department. It is not about the institution, but about specific members who took this action”, he emphasizes.

understand the case

In the images – recorded by a witness who chose not to identify himself for fear of reprisals – Marcos falls to the ground. While one of the policemen violently attacks the boy’s face, who is trying to protect himself with his arms, another soldier holds his legs. The young man was hit at least 11 times and ended up passing out.

According to the incident report, the Military Police had received a report that there was a man dropping bombs in a square close to children. During the approach, the PM claimed that he was disrespected with several curses and, when he received a voice of arrest, Marcos would have resisted and “assaulted one of the military with kicks and bites”.

“In order to defend themselves from aggression, and protect the lives of the military, it was necessary to use force with self-defense blows”, justified the PM.

Asked about the police officers’ version, the young man denied having been aggressive. “I didn’t defy them. And even if I had, nothing justifies what they did. It’s absurd! I’m in the hospital so far, in a lot of pain and I had seven stitches in my head,” he said at the time.

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