Doctors stop performing heart surgeries through SUS starting this Saturday

Illustrative image of the image Doctors stop performing heart surgeries through the SUS starting this Saturday

Patients who need surgeries such as pacemaker and heart bypass implants may face greater difficulties in the public network.

Heart surgeons who perform procedures by the Unified Health System (Health) announced yesterday the suspension of services in philanthropic hospitals, where procedures are performed.

With the interruption of activity, about 100 elective surgeries (without urgency) and urgency and emergency can no longer be done per month in the state.

The company Medcardio, contracted to perform the surgeries and composed of 25 surgeons, sent a letter yesterday to the Secretary of State for Health (Sesa) and to philanthropic hospitals informing about the suspension of activities.

In the case of elective surgeries, the suspension has already taken effect this Saturday (13). As for the urgency and emergency, the doctors assured that they will keep it until next Tuesday.

Among the requests, the surgeons ask for salary recomposition, since they have not readjusted for 10 years. “In addition, philanthropic hospitals have a debt of more than BRL 5 million with the company. Sesa transfers the amount to hospitals for the procedures performed, but the hospitals claim that the amount transferred is not enough”, explained one of the surgeons, without identifying himself.

He stressed that one of the reasons for the problems faced by hospitals is the reduction of procedures in recent months. “We performed 150 surgeries a month. Today, we have 100. For the population, this increases the queue, with patients arriving at the operating table with more severe conditions”.

Medcardio’s lawyer, Paulo Henrique Cunha, pointed out that the notification was not made abruptly, as the company has been talking and sending official letters about the unsustainability of the work. “Both hospitals and Sesa were already aware of this, because for several months we have been warning about the pay deficit and deficit in the supply of surgeries in the face of repressed demand”.

The president of the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM-ES), Fabrício Gaburro, pointed out that he has closely followed the issue and showed “extreme” concern with patient care and waiting. “Patients who need these surgeries are serious.”

Meeting scheduled for next week

Faced with the announcement of interruption of the activities of cardiac surgeons from this Saturday (13), the Department of Health (Sesa) reported that there is already a meeting scheduled to discuss the topic with the hospitals hired to perform the procedures.

According to Sesa, the cardiac surgery service in the Unified Health System (SUS) is performed by private philanthropic hospitals, which are responsible for hiring private medical companies to perform heart surgeries in the state.

“Sesa does not have its own service or contract with the cardiac surgery company. In view of this, a meeting was scheduled with the hospitals providing the cardiac surgery service to address the issue next week”, the secretary said in a note.

The president of the Federation of Philanthropic Hospitals of the State of Espírito Santo (Fehofes), Fabrício Gaeede, was contacted by the report, but pointed out that as of yesterday afternoon, companies were still receiving notifications, so the demonstration would still be “premature”.

According to him, the meeting with Sesa will still be awaited for a position.

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