E-commerce growth in Brazil does not stop and attracts more and more investors

The growth that the e-commerce in recent years, consolidating itself in the market and attracting even more investors to the field. One of the reasons that boosted this increase was the change in consumption habits after the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the tools added to social networks that allow the commercialization of products were of great help, as well as the pixwhich greatly facilitated digital payment.

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The easing of protective measures in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic may have slowed the growth of this type of trade in the first quarter of 2022, which fell by 3.2%. Furthermore, rising prices due to inflation may have contributed to this.

Even so, in the months of April to June of this year alone, e-commerce earned R$ 38.4 billion, and moved physical stores to also adhere to virtual representations.

E-commerce has become the main way for investors to expose their products and services, but it is important that, for the business to prosper, the products offered are in demand on the internet, even if there are few options. The important thing is that people need what is for sale.

Another factor that investors should be aware of is being close to their customers, even in the case of a virtual store. This can happen with good after-sales service, and especially a good purchase interaction, in addition, of course, to conveying a lot of credibility with your products.

And this growth of e-commerce must continue! A report from The Global Payments Report 2022 showed that online commerce is expected to grow by 55.3% by 2025, generating around $8 trillion in transactions. In Brazil, the estimate is that this growth will be 95% in transactions, reaching R$ 79 billion.

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