Exclusive: Doctor sells fake allergy certificate to enter US without vaccine

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One bolsonarista doctorwhich is identified in social networks as Dr. Marcos Falcãoannounced that sells allergy certificates to those who wish to enter the United States without the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Attention, those who have not been vaccinated and want to travel. The American Airlines company requires absolute contraindication to vax for the patient to board, that is, allergy to at least 1 component of all. Copa and others accept certificates of relative contraindication, which I issue. Share!” the doctor posted on Twitter.

Hawk is followed by bolsonaristas politicians, such as federal deputy and former minister Osmar Terra (MDB-RS), state deputy Gil Diniz (PL-SP) and federal deputy Bia Kicis (PL-DF). In his posts, he often praises Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The report of Forum contacted the doctor to question how the vaccination certificate for travel works. The answer came via automatic message, which informs that “the value of the consultation is R$: 470.00. We accept: Pix and credit card”.

Then, the message lists the services that can be made available by the doctor: “Early treatment, post-Covid treatment, Covid treatment, request for tests”.

Next, it lists the “diseases that exempt the vaccine: use of immunosuppressive medication (corticosteroids); clotting disorders; venous insufficiency; high total IGE; neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis); autoimmune diseases; pregnant, postpartum and lactating women; patients with cancer or a history of cancer”.

In addition, the notice highlights that if the person “not have any of these diseases”, the doctor manages. “The doctor requests tests to identify changes that exempt from vaccinationsince most people who have clotting problems are unaware of it”.

The doctor also suggests how to get proof of vaccination, if schools require a certificate

Also, in another tweet, Dr. Marcos Falcão suggests how people should proceed, with his help, of course, to obtain proof of vaccination for children, if schools require a certificate.

“Many mothers in São Paulo are still desperate, looking for me, because schools are LYING SHAMEFULLY, claiming that the Covid vaccine is within the mandatory (PNI). The path passes through the direction of the college, MP, C. Tutelar etc. I CAN HELP. SHARE”.

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