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How many times do we find a refuge in a Djavan song? Now, where will Djavan himself take refuge? Where is he at peace? THE Poliana Abritta brought everyone into a world of his own. The singer received the team from Fantastic in an orchid nursery on his farm in the mountains.

“I love it, I spend a lot of time here in this nursery. Here, we think better and that remakes me. I’m very happy here,’ she says.

Poliana Abritta and Djavan — Photo: Isadora Neumann

Poliana Abritta: And has this connection with nature always been like this or do you think it has increased over the years?

djavan: It actually comes from childhood, because my mother was very connected to nature. To this day I know plant names taught by my mother back then. And she also taught me to see the sky, the constellations, she said the names of the constellations.

The future is always coming, and now just brought the 25th album of djavanwhich is called ‘D’.

“Inácio has shown me a lot. Lui, as he doesn’t live with us, less so. But Lui is an excellent songwriter. I’m always connected to them. Max introduces me to a lot”, says Djavan.

Djavan and the children — Photo: Isadora Neumann

“I had a famous person, a great musician, one of the greatest singers in the country and my father in the same person. And I was lucky to have chosen the guitar, so on top of that I still had a teacher in the house,” says Max.

Poliana Abritta: It was a big celebration right?
djavan: He was. Of the family. First time on disk and all.

This great family celebration is Father’s Day gift from djavan and family for us. Watch the full interview in the video above..

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