Gardener falls into the sea, is dragged by the current and is isolated for 5 days on an island in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

Firefighters rescued on Saturday (13) a man who was isolated for five days on Ilha de Palmas, in Grumari, in the West Zone of Rio, after fall into the sea and be carried away by the current.

According to information from the corporation, gardener Nelson Nedy Ribeiro, 50, fell into the sea in a region known as Roncador, in Grumari, and was dragged to the island.

Gardener Nelson Nedy Ribeiro, 50, fell into the sea on Roncador and was dragged to Ilha de Palmas — Photo: Guilherme Vizane/TV Globo

Firefighters said that on Saturday, Nelson was spotted by a swimmer on a watercraft, who then called for help.

According to the corporation, during the isolated days the man tried to swim back to the mainland, but he couldn’t and ended up returning to the island.

Man was slightly injured when he fell into the sea and was isolated on an island – Photo: Guilherme Vizane/TV Globo

Found by the military, the victim had minor injuries and scratches. Nelson told the rescue team that he took shelter in a wooden house used by fishermen.

There, the man found blankets to keep warm during the days he was stranded.

After the rescue, the victim was taken by helicopter to the Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca, where he received medical attention.

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