Grazi Massafera appears with her daughter doing yoga and impresses

Grazi Massafera shares click doing yoga with her daughter and surprises

The actress Thank you Massafera, surprised when he appeared at a very unusual moment with his daughter. The famous is Sofia’s proud mom, who is 10 years old. The girl is the result of a former relationship with the actor. Cauã Reymond. The two were married for six years. A few months after the birth of the only heiress, the ex-couple announced the end of the relationship.

However, Cauã and Grazi maintain a good relationship in the name of raising their daughter. So they both take turns caring for the little girl. Sofia usually spends a few days at her famous dad’s house. It is not for nothing that the artist publishes clicks next to the heiress and with his current wife the digital influencer Mariana Goldofarb, with whom he has been married since 2019.

The girl even spent half of her school holidays with her father and stepmother on a luxurious trip they took to Italy. Already with Thank you Massafera, the little girl always appears next to the famous mom’s relatives. Recently, the actress took the heiress to spend a few days with her grandparents who live in the southern region of the country.

She delighted her followers by posting clicks of the smiling girl next to her grandfather, Grazi’s father. In fact, the artist often shares moments of pure fun with the heiress with fans.

Thank you Massafera took advantage and recalled some unusual moments with her daughter. The famous shared a click doing Yoga with the girl. In the images, the artist appears holding Sofia by the feet, while the heiress holds her pet by the hands.

The actress impressed netizens for showing such firmness and resourcefulness when holding the little girl. In the caption Grazi declares herself to her daughter. “TBT, you can destroy my spine, I will continue to love you to infinity and beyond,” she wrote, who added a heart emoji.

Grazi Massafera publishes an unusual click with her daughter and surprises

Instagram reproduction Grazi Massafera appears holding her daughter with feet in a yoga session

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