Gretchen publishes photo at 18 and leaves the public perplexed

Gretchen shared old photo and left the public perplexed by the change

Gretchen is one of the most iconic personalities on the internet and one of the reasons that make the ‘queen of the roll’ become news is her appearance. Adept at cosmetic procedures and surgeries, the singer has even become a meme and shares opinions with the constant changes in her face and body.

Famous since the 1980s, Gretchen has changed a lot over the decades and today she still manages to gain a true legion of admirers across the country. The singer, who is very active on her social networks and likes to share her day-to-day with her audience, recently posted a very old photo on her official Instagram account.

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In the image, the artist appears 18 years old and unrecognizable, she used the caption to explain that at the time she was doing a magazine soap opera: “#Tbt doing a magazine soap opera. Formerly called a photonovel. It was the Seventh Heaven magazine. With 18 years”.

Quickly after the post, several netizens were perplexed by the physical change and commented: “How cute”, wrote an admirer of Rainha do Rebolado. Even the singer Simoni praised her beauty: “How beautiful”.

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Esdras de Souza and Gretchen (Photo: AgNews)

“Doing the best for me”, Gretchen makes an announcement with her husband and confirms fatal change: “Soon you will see”

Photo of Gretchen, aged 18, shocks netizens
Photo of Gretchen, aged 18 (left) and currently (right) – Photo: Instagram


Gretchen surprised everyone on Friday, the 12th, when she appeared at the hospital accompanied by her husband, Esdras de Souza. Showing him lying on a stretcher, she revealed that the two will undergo plastic surgery.

According to what was revealed by the singer herself on her social networks, Gretchen and her husband will undergo plastic surgery to retouch Lipo Lad. In addition to the retouching, the queen of the roll will also make the exchange of silicone prostheses.

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