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Atlético-MG beat Coritiba in the last seconds of the match. A saving goal by Alan Kardec, much celebrated by striker Hulk on the bench. A rare image in the Rooster. Their main player was sacked in the 20th minute of the second half.

It was a drama. Atlético managed to neutralize Coxa’s attacks, but stopped at Alex Muralha or offensive failures. One of them was in the submission of Hulk. The striker received a “gift” from Egídio, left defender Luciano Castán behind, and played a cavadinha on the goalkeeper’s exit. But out.

An unusual mistake for Atletico’s top scorer, with 24 goals this season. The stage isn’t the best, he knows. Shortly after, the player would be replaced by Alan Kardec. It was the “fastest” replacement of Hulk by Atlético since September 2021.

Hulk during Coritiba 0x1 Atlético-MG — Photo: Gabriel Machado/AGIF

In the 18th minute of the second half against Sport, for the Brasileiro last year, Galo beat Sport 3-0 at Mineirão, and shirt 7 left the game early, even to be spared to face Palmeiras in Libertadores.

On the bench at Couto Pereira, Hulk was caught by the Premiere cameras in a closed countenance, with a desolate face. Atlético seemed to stay in the “almost”. So, here’s Nacho’s play on the back line, for Alan Kardec’s goal in the 48th minute. Cuca, at the press conference, explained about the exchange:

– First I totally trust the Hulk. I know that he will return to the path of goals. It’s a matter of time, training. Let’s help you. And the game asked for that (Kardec’s entry). I thought about the collective, and the Hulk is a collective guy. He vibrated as if the goal was his.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Before, however, when he was replaced, Hulk became the target of provocation and vandalism from Coritiba fans. In the report of the transmission, the attacker lost patience and went to get satisfaction, being restrained by Cuca and his companions. After the end of the game, the forward’s press office explained that he received drinks from fans with white thighs. The situation was not reported in the game summary.

“They threw it there, I think it was beer, some said it was pee. But they recorded it. It’s something dangerous, it can hurt” (Hulk)

Hulk has 24 goals in 38 games this season. His last goal was against Palmeiras, in the first leg of the Libertadores quarterfinals, in a penalty kick. He had been fasting for five games. He had also scored a penalty goal against Emelec, in early July. His last rolling goal was against Flamengo, in the Copa do Brasil, in a beautiful cover kick, on June 22.

Hulk and Cuca greet each other after top scorer is removed at Atlético-MG – Photo: Premiere

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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