Hypertensive people have THESE rights guaranteed by law, but they have no idea

Arterial hypertension affects about 30% of the Brazilian adult population. The situation is even more serious among the elderly: 50% of elderly people live with the disease. Every hypertensive person has rights that guarantee access to medication and adequate treatment in the Unified Health System (SUS).

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People who have high blood pressure with more frequency and during various hours of the day. The problem is that because it is a silent disease, many Brazilians do not even know they are hypertensive. This reality hinders treatment and puts people’s health at risk.

Arterial hypertension

Among the symptoms of the disease are headaches, dizziness, weakness, chest pain, blurred vision and several others. Because they are symptoms common to other health problems as well, the recommendation is that the individual seek medical attention.

Every patient who finds himself hypertensive receives the same medical advice: he is encouraged to adopt a practice of physical activity and change in eating habits.

In addition to the genetic factor, arterial hypertension can be provoked obesity, stress, consumption of fatty foods, too much salt in food, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and many other factors.

Those who neglect the care of the disease run great risks. According to the Ministry of Health, Brazil records a daily average of 388 deaths from hypertension. The disease is serious! And that is precisely why patients have some guarantees, such as the drugs used in the treatment and even some financial aid.

Patients who need treatment can rely on sickness benefit from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Unfortunately in many cases the release takes time to come out.

Hypertensive patients must also be guaranteed free medication through the SUS. In the most serious cases, patients can also apply for income tax exemption.

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