João Guilherme ignores Leonardo and praises only stepfather and grandfather

João Guilherme pays tribute to his stepfather and grandfather on Father’s Day and is asked: “Where is Leonardo?”

On this Father’s Day, August 14th, the singer João Guilherme decided to honor her stepfather, Danilo Tuffi, current husband of her mother, Naira Ávila. In addition, the young man also took advantage of the publication to include his maternal grandfather, Cesar Assolant.

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“Happy Father’s Day to these guys so important in our lives. I love you, thank you for the teachings!”, wrote the famous on his Instagram profile.

However, Leonardo’s absence from the post caught the public’s attention. Thus. in the comments fans wanted to know about the young man’s biological father.

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“Where is Leonardo?”, asked an internet user. “Lack and consideration on your part, you who are children of our beloved Leonardo,” wrote another.

“Stop judging what you don’t live, when you find out that father is the one who raises, give love, education and affection to your fried head, clearly the father figure he feels represented is Danilo, no one has to accept anything, just respect”, argued another.

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Check out Leonardo’s son’s publication below:

The actor has already ignored his father on another occasion

It is worth mentioning that this was not the first time that the young man ignored the country singer on the special date. In 2020, after the insistence of followers who made many insinuations, he justified the tribute without the father with blood ties.

“My father is the type who sends a picture of two guys in swimming trunks and disappears,” João Guilherme said at the time.

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