Lost your cell phone wireless headset? Find out how to find it

It’s frustrating to want to hear something, but not find the headphone jack on your cell phone. The advantage of wireless accessories — like AirPods, Galaxy Buds and Echo Buds — is that they can be easily located.

And you don’t even have to call São Longuinho or take three hops. There are native features of smartphones or headphones, as well as apps and even tricks that can help you in this search. Check below how to activate the features.

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Previously, you must have enabled the “Search with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac” feature — otherwise, you will not be able to use the search functionality. You also need to be logged in with your Apple ID.

With internet:

1 – Make sure your iOS is up to date, then go to the “Search” app on your iPhone;

2 – Proceed to “Devices”;

3 – Select “AirPods” from the list; then it will be possible to view the location of the lost device;

4 – If you want to activate a sound to help you find it, go to the “Play sound” option.

Without Internet:

The “Search” app’s network is able to find the location of AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, even if you are not connected to the internet (either wifi or mobile network, such as 4G or 5G).

Follow the step by step below:

1 – Go to “Settings” on your iPhone’s configuration screen and go to your name;

2 – Continue on “Search” and activate this functionality; then go to “Search app network”;

Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Wearable application is able to find your Samsung headphones in a convenient way. However, they must be on battery power or within a radius of 9.5 meters; if not, a message will be displayed warning that the devices are turned off.

1 – Go to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone or tablet;

2 – Select the option “Find my headphones” and continue on “Start”;

3 – Pay attention to a whistle that your headphones will emit for about 3 minutes;

4 – After finding it, go to “Stop” to stop the sound.

Echo Buds

Before asking Alexia where your lost Echo Buds are, make sure your Amazon Assistant app is up to date.

1 – Just say: “Alexa, find my buds”;

2 – Follow Alexa’s instructions to find your headphones;

locator apps

You can also download third-party apps to do the service, such as LightBlue — for iPhone or Android. It gives you a sense of whether you are near or far from the headphones.

1 – Activate the cell phone’s Bluetooth;

2 – Locate your phone in the list that appears in the application;

3 – According to the sign that appears in the app, keep moving until you get close to the headphones. If the signal goes from -10 dBm to -1 dBm, that means you are close.

sound trick

This “life hack” works on any model: if your phone is connected via Bluetooth on your cell phone and with battery, put some loud music to play at the last volume and try to find the device.

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