New rules of use and WITHDRAWAL

Food Stamps and Food Stamps are two benefits that workers can receive. Although they are additional benefits that are not paid by all employers, many positions now include these allowances. That way, there is no fixed value for them.

Now, there has been a new change in the rules of the two benefits. The National Congress was responsible for granting approval to the Provisional Measure whose text changes the rules regarding the use of aid and also the possibility of withdrawal. See more below.

Food vouchers and meal vouchers: New rules for use and WITHDRAWAL
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Food vouchers and meal vouchers

First of all, it is important to define the difference between Food Stamps and Meal Tickets. This is because many people may not know how to recognize the characteristics of each one and, in this way, confuse them.

Therefore, first of all it must be said that the ways of using them are usually different. Therefore, the Food Voucher is intended for purchases of food products in supermarket chains, for example. On the other hand, the most common use of Food Stamps is to buy ready-to-eat meals, such as in cafeterias or restaurants, during working days.

In addition, another difference is that the Food Voucher, as it is broader in the sense of allowing purchases in markets, can be beneficial for the entire family of the worker. Meanwhile, Meal Vouchers tend to be used more closely with the worker, who can use the value for lunch or dinner on weekdays.

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New usage and withdrawal rules

The Provisional Measure defined new rules regarding the two benefits. The first of these is that, now, Food Vouchers and Meal Vouchers can no longer be used to purchase products other than food.

Many workers may end up using the benefits to purchase hygienic products, or cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. This, according to the text, is prohibited and if a company or commercial place accepts the benefit and sells a product that is not food, it will run the risk of facing a fine that can be equivalent to the amount of up to R$ 50 thousand.

Another planned change is that locations that accept both Food Stamps and Food Stamps must accept all card brands. In addition, if the worker wishes to change the flag of his card, he will have the right to request it at any time and free of charge.

Yet another modification concerns the withdrawal of the amount. If 60 days have passed and the worker has not used the balance of the vouchers for the purpose for which they are intended, it will be possible to convert them into credit and, in this way, use them as they wish.

However, the measures still depend on presidential sanction to take effect in Brazil.

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