On Father’s Day, Thales Bretas publishes a message of love to his children Gael and Romeu and recalls moments lived alongside Paulo Gustavo: “difficult to car..”


Solo father, vent and reports how difficult it is to be a father

Reproduction / Instagram Thales Bretas
Reproduction / Instagram Thales Bretas

This Sunday (14), many are happy and others miss it. In the case of dermatologist Thales Bretas, emotion took over, and nostalgia came as a memory of the late actor Paulo Gustavo. The Doctor posted a photo on his social media with the couple’s children Gael and Romeo in his arms and vented about paternity.

“Being a father and having a family was my biggest life project. Since I was a child, I dreamed of constituting what gave me the basis of everything, the institution that taught me love”, he began. The shared message moved the fans, who made a point of remembering their beloved and eternal companion Paulo Gustavo.

I know that romanticizing on the internet is corny and even misleading: being a father is not just flowers! It’s hard as hell! Challenging, but what in life is achieved without challenges? The bigger the obstacles, the more valuable the prize!”, reported quite affectionately in the message. Fans and friends returned the size of the affection wishing them a happy father’s day.

The widower even opened his heart to his children Gael and Romeu:” Gael and Romeu are my two treasures, each day more precious and complex to find. The search is constant, eternal… I love you, my children!”. Thales still remembers difficult times he lived with Paulo Gustavo when his son came to the premature world. Paulo Gustavo passed away on May 4, 2021 due to complications from covid-19.

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