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Thales Bretas with the childrenReproduction / Instagram

Published 08/14/2022 12:35

Rio – Thales Bretas took advantage of Father’s Day, celebrated this Sunday (14), to talk a little about raising his children, Romeu and Gael. Widower of Paulo Gustavo, who died at the age of 42 from complications from Covid-19, the doctor reflected on paternity. He recalled that being a father and having his own family has always been a life project, several times questioned by other people because he is gay.

“Being a father and having a family was my biggest life project. Since I was a child, I dreamed of constituting what gave me the basis of everything, the institution that taught me love. When I understood myself as gay, many people questioned this traditional format because human mentality requires time and conflicts to be transformed”, began Thales.

“I found the ideal partner, who dreamed like me, with the same principles and a lot of love to give. And so we made our nest, with two parents, two boys and a lot of affection!”, he continued.

The doctor also made a point of emphasizing how hard parenting is. “I know that romanticizing on the internet is corny and even misleading: being a father is not just flowers! It’s hard as hell!!! Challenging… but what in life can you conquer without challenges? The bigger the obstacles, the more valuable the prize!” he said. “Gael and Romeu are my two treasures, each day more precious and complex to find”, he guaranteed.

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