Photo of Mars reveals what appears to be a statue or face; understand

Unsurprisingly, any photo of Mars has the ability to generate various comments speculating on possible traces of life on the red planet. This is exactly the case involving a recent image that is gaining traction on the internet.

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According to Reddit users, the new photo of Mars appears to have some sort of statue or face hidden in it. The element of doubt was found amidst the Martian stones by “amateur investigators”.

Photo of Mars raises suspicions about trail of intelligent life?

To be able to observe the strange object in the photo taken from Mars, it is necessary to zoom in on the image and look carefully at all the details.

According to some comments, the photo can be classified as being very interesting. “Interesting photo of Mars with a face or statue of some sort,” posted one user on Reddit. As well as this comment, several others emerged within the social network.

“Most of the rocks and boulders you see scattered all over the surface of Mars are probably just pieces of asteroids that have been crashing into the planet for millions of years,” commented one person, more skeptical than the first.

NASA has not yet commented on the matter.

Even though the photo of Mars has been spread on the internet, the truth is that no special body like NASA has commented on what happened. This fact opens gaps for all kinds of fetched theories to be created.

“We’re looking at what’s left of a bygone civilization,” said one Reddit user. Another suggests this: “Imagine if they started digging up dirt on Mars and discovered ruins of an ancient civilization or something.”

It is not possible to specify what the image reveals, but one thing is fact: there are several asteroid remains and even human garbage released into space that contemplate the surface of the ground of Mars.

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