PIS/Pasep from past years pays up to R$1,212; see if you can receive

Workers who have not yet withdrawn PIS/Pasep from previous years can request the money. The deadline ends at the end of this year, so there’s no reason to rush. The allowance in question refers to the year 2020. Payment started in February and will continue until December 29. See how to take advantage of the opportunity and guarantee that money.

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The value has been forgotten or ignored by many Brazilians until now. To have access to the money, the professional has to make a request reissue formality. Just look for a unit of the Ministry of Labor or get in touch also by e-mail from the body of the state of residence.

PIS/Pasep from past years

Those who opt for face-to-face service must appear at the unit with a photo and open the administrative appeal. For workers who choose to order online, it will only be necessary to send an email to “[email protected]”. The “uf” of the address must be changed for the acronym of the state where you live.

After applying for PIS/Pasep from previous years, the deadline to withdraw ends on December 29. If it goes past that date, you will have to wait for the withdrawal calendar for the next year and still make a new request.

The salary bonus is a right of those who received up to two minimum wages per month and worked with a formal contract. still need to have exercised activity for at least 30 days in the base year.

Another requirement is the registration with PIS/Pasep for at least five years, in addition to having the data up to date in the Annual Report of Social Information (Rais) or eSocial.

The consultation to find out whether or not you have money to receive is done by calling 158 or using the Carteira de Trabalho Digital app. At least 500,000 workers have not yet withdrawn the amounts for 2020.

The amount of the salary allowance depends on the time worked in the year in question. Therefore, those who worked for only one month will receive R$ 101. Those who had a full year and worked for 12 months will receive R$ 1,212.

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