Salman Rushdie remains in ‘critical condition’ but shows first signs of recovery

Via Twitter, Zafar expressed the family’s ‘relief’ that his father, stabbed during an event last Friday, ‘was able to say a few words’ after taking off his respirator.

Herbent Neubauer/AFP – 11/16/2019British author Salman Rushdie speaks as he introduces his book
Salman Rushdie was stabbed last Friday the 12th

Salman Rushdie remains in “critical condition”, but has not been using a respirator since last Saturday, 13, informed the writer’s son, Zafar Rushdie. Via Twitter, Zafar expressed the family’s “relief” that his father, stabbed during an event last friday, “was able to say a few words” after removing the respirator to which it was connected for more than a day. “My father remains in critical condition in the hospital, receiving extensive medical treatment. We are immensely relieved that he was taken off the ventilator and extra oxygen yesterday and was able to say a few words,” Zafar said. “His jovial and defiant sense of humor remains intact despite the severity of his injuries,” added the son, who thanked everyone who helped the writer in the critical first moments after the attack and asked for respect for the family’s privacy.

Rushdie’s literary agent Andrew Wylie confirmed the same details in an interview with CNN. “He is off the respirator, so the road to recovery has begun. However, it will be long, the injuries are severe,” he added. Wylie himself told The New York Times on Friday, the 12th, that Rushdie would likely lose one of his eyes, that his liver had been severely damaged by the stab wounds, and that the attacker had “cut the nerves in an arm” of the writer.. Meanwhile, the attacker, Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old son of Lebanese immigrants born in the United States, remains in detention and is charged with attempted second-degree murder and armed assault.

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