See if you receive R$ 600 or R$ 3,000 RELEASED TODAY (15); CONSULT HERE your Emergency Aid through DATAPREV

Good news for beneficiaries of the Emergency Aid is that the benefit returned, in 2022, to a specific group of beneficiaries.

With that, some people have some doubts if they can receive, or not, Emergency Aid 2022.

In this article, you will find out whether or not you can receive Emergency Aid in 2022.


You will be able to receive Emergency Aid 2022 if it meets the following requirements:

  • Have an updated registration in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico);
  • Your family is enrolled in the 2020 Bolsa Família register;
  • Have a monthly income of up to half a minimum wage per person in the family (R$ 606) or up to three minimum wages for the whole family (R$ 3,636);
  • Not being married or having a partner;
  • The head of the family is unemployed;
  • Have at least one person under the age of 18 in the family.


Emergency Aid returned, this year 2022, for a specific group of users. If you complete the above requirements, you can receive an amount between R$ 600 and R$ 3.00.

Check out more rules of Emergency Aid 2022 below



Before consulting the Emergency Aid 2022, it is worth remembering that the benefit consultation can no longer be carried out, only with the CPF, on the Dataprev Portal. Therefore, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Access the Emergency Aid Consultation portal
  • Click on the “Entrar com” button, fill in your Individual Taxpayer Registration – CPF, fill in your account password
  • If this is your first access to the platform, you will be asked for a “authorization to use personal data”just click on “Authorize”
  • And ready! You will be on the Emergency Aid 2022 consultation panel

If you prefer, the consultation can also be made by phone, through the number 111, Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF).

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