Vojvoda vibrates with Fortaleza’s departure from Z-4 in Serie A: ‘don’t talk too much and believe in everyday life’ – Play

O Strength won the King Classic 1-0, this Sunday (14), and left the relegation zone of the 22nd round of the 2022 Brazilian Serie A. The Argentine coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda he praised the group a lot and stressed that the departure of the Z-4 ​​has a lot of work in the day to day of training.

“When we look at the table, we have been in the relegation zone for a long time and now we have left. We are in a situation where we have to be very alert and remember what we did in these last matches to get out of the zone. It’s working, believing, not talking too much and believe in the day to day. When the time comes, to play our best game, with intelligence, controlling the game, often with the ball, with positioning, taking advantage of spaces like today. It is to continue believing, working and trusting our team, with everyone’s support, always together”, said the coach.

The positive result was achieved with a goal by striker Moisés, in the 1st half. In addition to the Clássico-Rei, he won the last rounds: cuiabá (0x1) and International (3×0). Vojvoda reinforced that the team controlled the actions against Ceará and made a great match, which left it in 15th position, with 24 points.

“I congratulate each of the players, I feel very happy and it’s all thanks to them. It’s the second full week we’ve had to work. The players played a very smart game, they prepare for the match and in this game you have to be smart. , physical. I think Fortaleza had a great game, got the goal, had shots, controlled the game without the ball, always well positioned, didn’t suffer great actions from the rival, so at the bad moment, I kept believing because they work day by day day and show that they will continue fighting”, he said at the press conference.

In the next round, Fortaleza receives the Corinthians on Sunday (21). The duel will be at Arena Castelão, at 18:00.

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