‘We don’t see a black countryman’, laments Jeniffer Dias, from ‘Rensga Hits!’ | Countryside Circuit

The actress and producer from Rio de Janeiro, Jeniffer Dias, who is on the air as the singer Thamyres, in “Rensga hits!”, lamented the lack of representation of black people in country music.

“We are not used to seeing black sertanejos. So I didn’t have that much of listening to sertanejos because they didn’t represent me much”, lamented the artist after being questioned by Serginho Groisman in the latest edition of “Altas Horas” about whether she accompanied productions of the genre musical.

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“Rensga hits!” is the new Globoplay series that takes place in Goiânia and tells the daily life of artists from the sertanejo in search of fame. The series, which has eight episodes, portrays the feminejo and premiered on Globoplay on August 4th.

Dias, who participated live in the “Criança Esperança” mesão during the program, praised the initiative of the production to put black artists to interpret singers of sertanejo.

“It’s amazing for the series to talk about it, to put a black character there. A black country duo. It’s amazing. It’s something that can subvert all that and suddenly open a portal of opportunities for more black singers”, he added.

In the Original Globoplay Dias series, he forms a musical duo with actor, playwright and director, Sidney Santiago Kuanza, who plays his brother Theo.

“It’s a pleasure to be part of this cast, of this wonderful series, playing Thamyres, a country singer who has a duo with Theo, who gives Thamyres a lot of work. , said the artist.

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