What are the best credit cards to earn airline miles?

There are already several products on the market that make it possible to accumulate air miles when using the credit card for everyday purchases. Miles are highly sought after by those who like to travel and there are already a series of options that make it possible to join them and exchange them for tickets or earn discounts.

There are some credit cards on the market that offer more advantages for you. earn air miles and also other interesting benefits. In general, they can also offer VIP lounge access, cabin upgrades, free Wi-Fi access, etc.

With a range of possibilities that customers have, it is common to be in doubt which ones are better. credit cards to earn airline miles. See some of the options with the greatest advantages in this regard.

C6 Carbon – Mastercard Black

The C6 Carbon – Mastercard Black allows customers to accumulate miles, in addition to guaranteeing the right to have access to a VIP lounge at airports, discounts at stores that are part of partnerships, travel assistance, access to free Wi-Fi networks, a cabin upgrade and advance flights free of charge.

In addition to all these advantages, C6Bank also gives you the opportunity to add 6 more cards at no cost. Its annuity rate is priced at R$85 per month, with an interest rate fixed at 10.70% per month. As you can see, C6Bank is ensuring a strong presence in the miles market.

Latam Pass Itaucard – VISA Infinite

The Latam Pass Itaucard – VISA Infinite card is ideal for those who spend heavily on foreign currency. In addition to the miles that allow customers to have differentiated travel assistance, they can also stay in VIP lounges at airports, get a free cabin upgrade, have preference when boarding Latam flights and interest-free airfare in installments.

The annual fee for Latam Pass Itaucard – VISA Infinite currently amounts to R$ 100 per month, with a revolving interest around 15%.

Take off Santander – VISA Platinum

The card take off Santander offers access to the Santander program, which in turn has a partnership with the company that offers packages and airline tickets. After signing up, the customer already guarantees 10,000 points to exchange for miles, as well as other benefits, such as free Wi-Fi, travel assistance and discounts at a series of partner stores.

Its annuity rate can be relatively low when compared to the amount of benefits that is offered by the card, costing 4x of R$138, with revolving interest that is at 9.9%.

The Platinum Card – American Express

Another good option for those who have a high expense with foreign currencies. With it, the customer guarantees a 24-hour concierge service, in addition to exclusive advantages to enjoy in hotels and restaurants, free Wi-Fi, discounts at partner stores, free cabin upgrade and points program, to use in airline tickets.

In addition to its flexible credit limit, its annuity is considered affordable for high-income people. The amount is fixed at R$ 116.66 monthly and with revolving interest of up to 15%. American Express cards are generally the most suitable for business profiles, executives and people who earn high incomes and want to earn air miles Shopping.

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