What changes in the issuance of MEI invoices in 2023? Know everything!

From January of next year, the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) will be able to issue the Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) through the Simples Nacional portal. About 13 million entrepreneurs should benefit from the change to MEI in 2023. Find out what changes with the new determination.

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The permission is valid for those who are MEI and service providers, but do not include those who sell goods and services subject to ICMS. The change was defined through a resolution of the Simples Nacional Management Committee (CGSN). Understand how this will work in practice.

Moving to MEI in 2023

According to the resolution, the issuance of the document will depend on filling in the CPF or CNPJ number of the borrower. You will also need to indicate the type of service and the value. After the issuance is made by the MEI service provider, a notification will be sent on the borrower’s mobile device, that is, the entrepreneur’s client.

The switch to MEI in 2023 will have validity across Brazil.

With this, the document will be enough for the justification and constitution of the tax credit. Another advantage found is that the measure will eliminate the need for digital certification for authentication and signature of the issued document. The clarification was made by Sebrae.

The intention of the new measure is to facilitate the issuance of notes for those who are MEI. According to the regulation in force, each city has its own rules for the document to be produced. The change in 2023 will unify the procedure, making everything simpler for all professionals in the category.

As per the announcement made about the change, the option will be available in an application for mobile devices and by communication service of the Application Programming Interface (API) type. The application should be presented to MEI soon.

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